PHP error 8192 in /home/votingse/awl/libs/db_mysql.php line 15:
mysql_connect(): The mysql extension is deprecated and will be removed in the future: use mysqli or PDO instead

Call Stack Dump
1# debug:196 from /home/votingse/awl/engine.php
2# AWL_ErrorHandler: from
3# mysql_connect:15 from /home/votingse/awl/libs/db_mysql.php
4# db_openConnect:26 from /home/votingse/awl/libs/sv2core.php
5# connectDB:269 from /home/votingse/awl/engine.php
6# executeEngine:21 from /home/votingse/public_html/work.php
7# include:39 from /home/votingse/public_html/index.php

GET variables dump


Voting server - Toolbox for Webmasters

Voting Server - The Ultimate Toolbox for Webmasters.

Voting Server provides remotely-hosted interactive services (widgets) which you can add to any website (no server-side installation required). Voting Server gives you powerful toolbox to upgrade your web pages by Cut-and-Paste operation. You will be able to add new interactive capabilities to your site in seconds.

Poll service for adding voting feature to your website. Add "Poll" to your pages and discover what your audience thinks on burning questions.
Tracker service for tracking your visitors. Nothing fancy, but still a very useful tool for analyzing your website traffic and navigation structure.
Send-To-Friend service for sending webpage content by email. If you want to attract more people to your website provide your visitors with simple way to share content of your site with their friends and check viral AD in action!
Randomizer service for rotating the items of your site (pictures, articles, AD) represented by valid HTML/JS blocks. Once activated it'll bring random content to your website to keep it more dynamic. Quotations of the day, jokes or even AD-rotator can be implemented easily by your own.
Pop me up service for opening pop-up and pop-under with the first user's click on the page. Appearance frequency and sizes can be easily set. The service has strong advantage - it can't be blocked by any of standard tools preventing pop-ups in browsers.
Rate-Me service for rating items at your website (images, articles, products and so on). Discover what your visitors really like and hate at your site. Hereby you can make your website more audience targeted!
News service for managing news and announcements. Add "News" service to publish fresh and up-to-date information and announces to keep attention to your website.
Guestbook service for supporting embedded Guest Book. Give your visitors possibility to express their opinion about your website and to maintain feedback with you (even if your provider doesn't allow DBs or scripts).
Splash Box service for highlighting important information on your site. Once a defined period iframe with specific URL content is shown above the page. Sizes and appearance frequency of frame can be easily defined. The service can be implemented for reminding users about specific events once a period.
Shout Box little chat placed directly on web page. No installation is required, just copy and insert one line of code into your page to get started! This tool will always be interactive and available since there's no need to enter separate page to chat with people, they can do it immediately at your web page.

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