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Voting server - Toolbox for Webmasters

Voting Server - The Ultimate Toolbox for Webmasters.

Voting Server provides interactive tools which you can add to your website by simple copy&paste operation. With Voting Server tools you can make your site more visitors friendly, interesting and useful. Our tools are hosted on our high speed servers, meaning that you won’t have any headaches with installing or maintaining it.

Who is Voting Server for and why?

Voting Server provides flexible capabilities to any site owner, from large, high-traffic corporate sites to small sites. Voting Server gives you powerful toolbox to upgrade your web pages by Cut-and-Paste operation. Using Voting Server you will be able to easily add new interactive capabilities to your site.

Learn the opinion of your visitors on any question with Poll. Find out where from and how your visitors come to your site and what attracts their attention most with Tracker. Bring new visitors to your site with technology Viral AD using Send-To-Friend. Add the service for rating your site content - Rate-Me. Interest your visitors announcing main events in the News. Vary the content of your site with Randomizer. Learn your visitors' points of view in your Guestbook. Add the send-to-friend allowing your visitor to email your page content to other people and attract new visitors. You can to do all these things fast and easy.

Voting Server provides detailed and easy-to-understand reports for everyone involved in the running of a website, from the developers and designers to the marketing and management teams. Find out where people leave your site and what content catches their attention. Learn what your visitors think on topical questions and which items of your site they like best.

How to install?

Installation of Voting Server services doesn't cause any difficulties for anyone involved in the running of a website, from the developers and designers to the marketing and management teams. If you could have mastered operations Copy-Paste, you will be able to add our services to your site.

All you have to do - is to create and configure service in Voting Server. The system will determine and prompt itself what data is necessary for the service chosen. Then just click the reference Get Code, copy code snippet and add this code to your web page.

How much does it cost?

Currently our service works in beta mode and it is absolutely free of charge! We plan to start commercial application of the service 14th February 2008

So try it now for free!


1 april 2006. It was perfect day for unusual idea.

Two days before we had just finished a challenging project. Our client asked us to make small changes for his internet shop. All we had to do - was to add the feature for e-mailing product specification. We were quite surprised when we saw the code of the project. It was developed by at least five freelancer teams which worked in different styles and with different coding technologies (the most popular one was the paradigm Copy-Paste). Mixed PHP&HTML and ASP&HTML used everywhere "inspired” us enormously.

Our attempts to analyze and re-factor the code resulted in distraction, not in conclusions.

Changing the code of one module had led to a chain-reaction of side-back effect, which occurred in the most unexpected parts of the system. The only solution was to implement JavaScript widgets injected in the generated site pages. In spite of diligent work done on configuring widgets the result brought us a sigh of relief and a satisfaction to our client.

The next day one of our clients asked us to add the feature for voting poll to his site (already existing and working). The idea to develop the framework used in our last project occurred to us. Indeed, why not create a system which widens interactive site capabilities without changing its inner system design? I.e. to create a system which permits webmaster to independently add different services to the existing sites?

Any other day that idea would have been called "crazy" and rejected. But not on the 1 of April. That was the way Voting Server project was born.

Why we?

Voting Server project is a part of revolutionary concept of SV2 Software Company in sphere of complex web application development. The concept involves four basic stages.

In 2004 we had implemented the unique technology for creation of web services (and later of complete web-sites), Advanced Web Library (AWL). Development of web-services and web-sites using AWL technology differs radically from ordinary web programming and is resemble to component programming of desktop applications.

In 2006 we had developed the ideology and had created the first work prototype of Voting Server system. Our new concept enables extending the functionality of existent web applications using built-in web objects, generated and controlled by Voting Server. All the services provided by Voting Server are remotely hosted, so the user doesn't have to deal with any installation, archiving and content management.

In 2007 using the opportunities of AWL was developed a powerful system for site content management (CMS).

The last stage in realization of our concept is development of powerful though flexible and easy-to-use environment for visual programming of web applications. At this stage we have been working over unique integrated development environment which will enable integrating all our web projects: AWL, CMS and Voting Server. We are going to implement the system which allows creating web-applications using ready functional components (services). The first work prototype of the system is going to be released at the end of the first quarter of 2008.

When to use?

The services provided by Voting Server are applicable for a wide range of objectives. We shall give 10 reasons why it may be interesting for you.

  1. You want to know how and where from your visitors come to your site? You want to assess the effectiveness of your ad campaign? You can get this information using Web tracker which provides a wide range of in-depth and detailed reports (referrer report, geographic location report, unique hits report and so on).
  2. You want to know what your visitors think on this or that problem? Add voting poll to your page and learn their opinion.
  3. Give your visitors opportunity to inform their friends about interesting content of your site. Organize your own viral AD campaign using Send-2-Friend (your visitors will be able to send rich formatted content keeping original page styles and even images!)
  4. Verify and refresh the content of your site using Content Randomizer. Your visitors will be coming back over and over again to see something new, chosen at random from the collection you made once.
  5. Learn what your visitors like and hate. Add Rate Me service and give your visitors opportunity to assess the quality of your content.
  6. Intrigue your visitors publishing interesting news and announcements in the News Block.
  7. Create the communication channel with your visitors using Guest Book.
  8. Increase the ROI of your site placing the most important announcements and ads in Pop-up windows which can’t be blocked by any of presentday browser.
  9. Do you want to be sure that your visitors won’t miss important events or news? Place that news above the content of your page with Promo Frame.
  10. Create your own chat on the site using Shout Box. There is nothing more attractive than real communication in virtual world.

These are just the most widespread cases when you can use Voting Server. Note that all the mentioned services are available regardless of hosting opportunities. It doesn’t matter at all which technology or system was used in the development of your website. If you can create web page using editor you will certainly make use of Voting Server services.

Who we are?

SV2 Software was established in August 2001. The main field of our company is development of internet services. Over the years in the market we had created a range of unique and innovative systems such as billing system for the large south African company, system for data synchronization among golf clubs (by order of DGV), management system for tennis clubs in the UK, trading system for the work with European and American trade markets.

More detailed information can be found at

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