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Call Stack Dump
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4# db_openConnect:26 from /home/votingse/awl/libs/sv2core.php
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6# executeEngine:21 from /home/votingse/public_html/work.php
7# include:39 from /home/votingse/public_html/index.php

GET variables dump
    [sid] => faq


Voting server - Toolbox for Webmasters


"Voting Server"– what is it?
"Voting Server" is a remotely hosted Toolbox for Webmasters. It provides a set of services which can be easily integrated with your existent website. You don't need to be a programmer to upgrade your pages in Web2.0 fashion – just copy and paste a piece of JavaScript code generated by "Voting Server". And you don't need to install anything to your server. "Voting Server" is a right tool to make your website more interactive, more informative, more user–friendly and more professional! Using our services you can move to a new level of relationship with your website audience. Welcome to Web 2.0 age.
How it can help me?
"Voting Server" services provide diverse statistics on your audience preferences which can help you to understand how to improve your website and to attract more visitors. You'll be able to establish reliable relationship with your visitors using Voting Polls, Rate–me and Guest book services. With Send–To–Friend service you can start viral–AD campaign by your own. Our "News Block" service allows to inform your customers about recent news and announces. We'll guide you to Web 2.0 age. Leave your competitors in the Stone Age.
Can I see examples of your services usage?
Sure, we provide a number of demo pages created using our service. Visit Services section and choose “Sample” at needed service.
How much is it?
"Voting Server" is a subscription based service. So, you will be able to choose the most reasonable price plan and to pay only for those services which you really need. Today our services are still free of charge.
Are you going to expand the list of services provided by "Voting Server" toolbox?
Yes, sure. We're going to expand our toolbox to give you a better arsenal to fight with your competitors. New smart and killing services will be added in the nearest future. Visit the page Services to get more information about existent and on–going services.
I’ve got an idea of a new service for "Voting Server" which could be very popular. Is it worth to share it with you?
Hey, we will be happy to add as more "killing" services as possible. Even more, we are ready to pay for good ideas. Come with your ideas and get up to 15% from every purchased license for the service based on your idea. And of course in this case you will get unlimited license for the service. See our "Pay Per Think" rewards system terms.
Is there an affiliate program supported by "Voting Server"?
Yes, of course. Please check our Affiliate Program – hope you will join us and make money.
What should I know about IT and web programming to start using your service?
If you know what "IT" abbreviation means, if you don't panic at the sight of "HTML" letters, in other words if you are able to manage your own website – you can use "Voting Server" with confidence.
Are there any specific requirements my website and hosting must meet to use your service?
No. "Voting Server" is remotely hosted. Thus you can add any Voting Server feature to your website located at any hosting. The website management system is also not important. Our services can be incorporated with all the types of scripts and CMS–es (Joomla, PHPNuke, ASPNuke, OS–Commerce etc.).
What about supporting HTML–compatible services which I can reside in my blog, MySpace or FaceBook?
Well... We’re going to provide special version of services which can be installed into environments with JavaScript usage limitations (like MySpace). Most of our services have HTML version which you can place into any blogs and social webs supporting customizing using HTML. Probably, we’ll also create wrappers for reusing FaceBook API.

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