PHP error 8192 in /home/votingse/awl/libs/db_mysql.php line 15:
mysql_connect(): The mysql extension is deprecated and will be removed in the future: use mysqli or PDO instead

Call Stack Dump
1# debug:196 from /home/votingse/awl/engine.php
2# AWL_ErrorHandler: from
3# mysql_connect:15 from /home/votingse/awl/libs/db_mysql.php
4# db_openConnect:26 from /home/votingse/awl/libs/sv2core.php
5# connectDB:269 from /home/votingse/awl/engine.php
6# executeEngine:21 from /home/votingse/public_html/work.php
7# include:39 from /home/votingse/public_html/index.php

GET variables dump
    [sid] => news/details/7


Voting server - Toolbox for Webmasters

Old skin. New bones. 07 Dec 2006

The last three months were thorny. We had to launch three large projects at a time. We lacked time for developing Voting Server. But we had to redesigned our framework for creating dynamic websites - Advanced Web Library (AWL). All the hierarchy of classes was revised. As a result the code of handlers became more effective and compact, and initialization time substantively reduced.

A deep re-engineering of Voting Server was made for effective adaptation to a new version AWL. The results were breath-taking – the productivity increased by 45-50%.

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