PHP error 8192 in /home/votingse/awl/libs/db_mysql.php line 15:
mysql_connect(): The mysql extension is deprecated and will be removed in the future: use mysqli or PDO instead

Call Stack Dump
1# debug:196 from /home/votingse/awl/engine.php
2# AWL_ErrorHandler: from
3# mysql_connect:15 from /home/votingse/awl/libs/db_mysql.php
4# db_openConnect:26 from /home/votingse/awl/libs/sv2core.php
5# connectDB:269 from /home/votingse/awl/engine.php
6# executeEngine:21 from /home/votingse/public_html/work.php
7# include:39 from /home/votingse/public_html/index.php

GET variables dump
    [sid] => promo/ad


Voting server - Toolbox for Webmasters
Services » Splash Box

You need to draw attention of your visitors to specific information on your site? Is there the latest news or important announcement?

One way to emphasize important information – is to change the design of the site, although it may require substantial redesign, and in case of static sites - a great deal of routine work.

Voting Server provides easy and simple solution - Splash Box. This service allows creating a window which will be shown above the content of your page. So you may be sure that your news won't stay unnoticed. When a customer comes to the page he or she will see a window with your news in the middle of page above the shaded content. The news frame will be visible during predefined time period.

To get this service started you’ll need to define URL of window content, window size, frequency and show duration.

Voting Server tracks the stats of news window demonstration for each visitor - so the promo window will appear only in predefined time intervals.

To set up Promo Frame, create the group and then attribute the items.

For every Promo Frame you need to configure following attributes:

  • Name – defines internal symbolic name for collection.
  • Service Enabled – defines if service available for usage or not.
  • Order No – defines internal position of service in admin's area view.
  • Host Filter – defines list of websites which can host the service. So, you can prevent re-using you service at your competitors websites.
  • Width and Height
  • Period of inactivity of service once displayed for current PC
  • URL – URL which content will be displayed in the window
  • Display Timeout – period in seconds after which the frame will close if there was no user activity on the page
Services » Splash Box

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