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Call Stack Dump
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7# include:39 from /home/votingse/public_html/index.php

GET variables dump
    [sid] => promo/guestbook


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Do you what your visitors to express their opinion about your website in your guest book? Your hosting doesn't support scripting or doesn't provide DB connection? Or you manage several websites and want to use one guest book for al your websites. Of course, you can use external Guest Book services - but it will look amateurish when your guest book will reside at different website. Moreover it will certainly have design not corresponding to your website style and you will have very limited tools to configure it.

"Voting Server" provides the unique service - Remote Guest Book. All you need to do is to create your guest book at our server, define styles and inject the code snippet into your websites. That's all. You'll have your own professionally looking guest book right at your website (nobody can distinguish where guest book is actually located). No matter if your hosting provider doesn't support DB or restricts server-side script. No matter what system you used creating the website. You may have one Guest Book for all your websites. It'll take only few minutes to create and add guest book feature into your websites. Sounds attractive, isn't it?

To create Guestbook define the Following attributes:

  • Name - defines internal symbolic name of a guest book
  • Messages Per Page - defines number of records per page. Thus, guest book supports paginations.
  • Common settings - defines common service parameters.
    • Service Enabled - identifies if service available for usage or not.
    • Order No - determines the services displaying order.
    • Host Filter - specifies the list of websites on which the service is available. It helps to prevent re-using your service by the competitors.

When you determined attributes for Guestbook take its code snippet using Get Code link and inject this piece of code into your pages. Congratulations - now you have your own Guest book!

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Services » Guestbook

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