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Voting server - Toolbox for Webmasters
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Publishing fresh and up-to-date news at the website is crucial to hold your visitors attention to your website. (let them at least know that your website is still alive). That's why news management system is indispensable part of website marketing strategy. Unfortunately, some websites are created using static HTML or reside at hosting with limited database or script language support. As well, webmasters often need to manage several websites and news synchronization throughout websites can be a troublesome task even if your CMS supports news management.

"Voting Server" provides an expert and elegant way to solve the problem. You'll be able to publish news and announces using simple centralized interface. Inject small code snippet into your website or websites and you have fully-functional news system.

"Voting Server" news management consists of two levels - News blocks and Stories. Every story belongs to a certain News Block. The News Block has the same principle as the paper column. You can create several blocks and add them separately to your website. For instance, you can create such blocks as News, Announces and Press-releases. Next, inject corresponding code snippet into your websites and have all your websites being updated easily.

For creating new "News block" you need to configure following attributes:

  • Name - defines internal symbolic name for news block.
  • Records per page - specifies the maximum number of news appearing at one time. And, yes, pagination is supported for news blocks.
  • Common settings - defines common service parameters.
    • Service Enabled - defines is service available for usage or not.
    • Order No - determines the services displaying order.
    • Host Filter - specifies the list of websites on which the service is available. It helps to prevent re-using your service by the competitors.

When the "News Block" is created - you can start publishing the news/stories. Click "Story" link in "News Block" table and you'll reach Stories table. Every news is described by following attributes:

  • Title - the headline of a news story
  • Date and Time - identifies the time of publication
  • Content - the text of a story

To start publishing news at your websites get the code snippet below the "Get Code" link. Then inject this code into your websites. Ready! Update the news from time to time and keep your customers informed.

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Services » News

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