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Services » News » Tutorial

1. To keep your audience informed about current and coming events in the world or in your company create a News Block. It’s a good way to make your site informative and updated.

News may vary by different categories: sport news, political news, company news, etc. For each category you can create separate news block which will consist of particular stories.

So News block will represents the analogue of newspaper column with a range of news.

Below you can see News Block example

Let’s assume you have news which you want to share with your visitors

2. To add News service to your site:

2.1 Click Add New News

2.2 The attribute Name will be used internally by Voting Server as a reference to particular service

2.3 Specify maximum number of news appearing at one time in the field Records per page.

2.4 Common settings

  • If you want to temporarily disable displaying of service at your pages unmark checkbox Service Enabled
  • You can restrict displaying of your service at certain domains using Hosting Filter
  • To change default position of current service in the table of services use Sorting Order

2.5 Click the button Create and then the button Script on the right of a new panel

2.7 Tune colors for your News block. Select one of the preset color schemes which are available in the drop down control Copy colors from. You may as well create your own color scheme using color settings. To save new color scheme enter its name and click the button Save Changes.

2.8. To fill the News block with your news click Stories

2.9. In the section Stories click Add Story to add the news

News consists of title which should be entered in the field Title, and the text which you type in the field Content. News date and time can be indicated in the correspondent fields. If you have a link to the full version of news enter it in the field Link.

Each news is displayed in the block in the drop down order from the most recent news on the top. Buttons at the left panel allow editing text and all other elements of already published news, and also deleting them from the news block.

3. Adding service into the page

3.1 Copy the code in the window below

3.2 Paste the code snippet into your page and you’ve done!

Services » News » Tutorial

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