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Call Stack Dump
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GET variables dump
    [sid] => promo/popup


Voting server - Toolbox for Webmasters
Services » Pop me up

Despite negative attitude of visitors to Pop-up and Pop-under, ads effectiveness of these windows proves to be very high. Reasonable use of this technology not only can enhance the attractiveness of your site as ad platform but also considerably increases site ROI. Using pop-under windows increases the surfing time of the visitor at your site.

Recently there has been a problem of suppressing of pop-up windows by the majority of modern browsers. Voting Server proposes simple and effective way to show Popup/Pop-under windows regardless browser settings and installed plug-ins.

Pop me up service allows your subscribers to show ads and important information in Popup/Pop-under windows.

All you need to do - is to set appearance parameters of pop-up window (URL window content, its size, demonstration frequency and show mode - Popup or Pop-under). After injecting the code into the page popup window appears with a click on a hyperlink at a present web-page.

Voting Server tracks the stats of popup window show for each visitor - so the window will be visible only in predefined time intervals.

To set up Pop me up, create the group and then attribute the items.

For every Pop me up you need to configure following attributes:

  • Width and Height
  • Period of inactivity of service once displayed for current PC
  • Pop-under – enables pop-under mode
  • URL – URL which content will be displayed in the window
  • Name – defines internal symbolic name for collection.
  • Service Enabled – defines if service available for usage or not.
  • Order No – defines internal position of service in admin's area view.
  • Host Filter – defines list of websites which can host the service. So, you can prevent re-using you service at your competitors websites.

You can vary the content of your pages using the items form the created groups injecting Pop me up code snippet into your pages.

Services » Pop me up

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