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Call Stack Dump
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GET variables dump
    [sid] => promo/random


Voting server - Toolbox for Webmasters
Services » Randomizer

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Even the funniest joke, the most attractive picture or the best clip gets boring after a while. You have a choice - to consistently update your site content (which is usually time-consuming) or to use Randomizer - the service provided by Voting Server.

Randomizer allows creating a group of items (jokes, picture gallery, etc.) which will be represented at your website's pages in series, choosing them at random. Every time the visitors come to your site they will see something new. And certainly they will be happy to return to your website again and again.

Randomizer accepts any valid HTML content - so, you can create collection of quotes, picture gallery or video clips. You can even implement simple AD rotator system using Randomizer.

Dedicate some time to creating a groups of attractive items - and keep you website fresh and interesting for your visitors without any effort from you side.

To set up Randomizer, create the group and then attribute the items.

For every Randomizer group you need to configure following attributes:

  • Name - defines internal symbolic name for collection.
  • Service Enabled - defines if service available for usage or not.
  • Order No - defines internal position of service in admin's area view.
  • Host Filter - defines list of websites which can host the service. So, you can prevent re-using you service at your competitors websites.
  • Header - HTML-code, which will be rendered before the content
  • Footer - HTML- code, which will be rendered after the content

Once collection is created you can start adding the content (items) which will be randomized.

For every item you need to configure following attributes:

  • Name - defines internal symbolic name of item.
  • Order No - defines internal position of item in admin's area view.
  • Is Enabled - defines if item is enabled or not (if disabled - the content will be removed from item processing).

You can vary the content of your pages using the items form the created groups injecting Randomizer's code snippet into your pages.

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Services » Randomizer

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