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GET variables dump
    [sid] => promo/rateme


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No matter what type of content contains your website. It can be article directory, online catalogue system or a gallery, sound tracks collection or products list. But it's always useful to know what your visitors think about particular items. Unfortunately only a few in-box solutions support items rating feature. And it's really bad- this kind of statistics is one of the most important things one should know about the audience and their preferences.

"Voting Server" provides "Rate-Me" service, which allows you to be one step ahead your competitors. "Rate-Me" is developed for getting your visitors' opinion on any items represented at your website (topics, images, articles, sound-tracks, documents, etc.). In this way you will be aware of what your visitors like, what they don't like and if they are indifferent to. The service also allows collecting the statistics on each item from the different sites!

"Rate-Me" services consist of two levels - groups (categories) and items inside each category. First create the group for the items your visitors are to rate. Then create the list of items inside each group.

To configure "Rate-Me" group determine the following attributes:

  • Name - specifies internal symbolic name for "Rate-Me" group.
  • Range - specifies a number of points for rating scale (from 2 till 15).
  • Items Listing Mode it'll specify the group's items list at a later stage.
  • Limits - determines voting restrictions:
    • No limits - everybody can vote unlimited number of times
    • One IP - one Vote - only single voting is accepted from the same IP address
    • Once at period - multiple rates from the same IP address is allowed but not more frequently than once a period.
  • Common settings - defines general service parameters
    • Service Enabled - identifies the usage availability of service.
    • Order No - determines the services displaying order.
    • Host Filter - specifies the list of websites on which the service is available. It helps to prevent re-using your service by the competitors.

Once "Rate-Me" group is created, populate it with the list of items.

Every item requires the following attributes:

  • Reference - symbolic name of item. Make it unique. A short article name may be used as the reference.
  • Title - specifies associated title which will be used in the reports.

When the list of items is populated you can get the code snippet for every particular item by clicking "Get Code". Once you've got the code you can start analyze your audience preferences.

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Services » Rate-Me

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