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Content - that's what makes people visit websites again and again. The more unique, fresh and interesting content you provide - the more popular your website will be. Sounds obvious, isn't it? The only problem -is that you need to attract visitors first. Nothing could be better than viral AD. When a person comes to your website by accident and finds your content interesting - he or she will be happy to share the information at your website with friends. Generally people don't have time or wish to copy URL from browser open email client, type friends emails and send link to your website. Now there is a perfect solution. Simply add "Send-To-Friend" service to your web pages and your visitors will easily send the page to their friends: all they have to do- is to type-in the email address. Email will contain the rich-content of the page including images and styles. "Send-To-Friend" service is really unique. Usually, you have two choices - either hard-coded service deeply integrated with your CMS (gallery, catalogue, shopping cart) system or remotely hosted scripts. In first case email will contain detailed information about selected item or page. But you can use this feature only at the pages produced by your CMS system. Till now it isn't a common feature for in-box CMSes. Second facility is disposable to any page - but the sent email will contain only URL of the page. Not enough information to intrigue the recipient.

Our "Send-To-Friend" service combined the advances of both methods. It allows to deliver rich-content (including styles and images) and implements an efficient anti-spambot protection. It can reside at any page, so you can add "Send-To-Friend" feature to any existent page.

Though the implementation of service is complex its settings are clear and easy to use. Determine just a few attributes and start your own viral AD campaign.

Following attributes have to be specified for enabling "Send-To-Friend" service:

  • Name - internal symbolic name for "Send-To-Friend"
  • Mail Type - specifies format of mail body - HTML or TXT.
  • Include Images - identifies if images from reference page should be attached to email
  • Bk Color - specifies CAPTCHA background color
  • Text Color - specifies CAPTCHA font color
  • Common settings - determines common service parameters
    • Service Enabled - identifies if service is available for usage or not.
    • Order No - determines the services displaying order.
    • Host Filter - specifies the list of websites on which the service is available. It helps to prevent re-using your service by the competitors.

Have you completed configuring - click "Get Code" and get the code snippet. Now you can add really cool feature to your website and start your own viral AD campaign.

Then, you will have to manually (yes, sorry) define the block of web page which is to be sent . To accomplish this just add the tag <--page2mail--> at the beginning of block and <--page2mail--> at the end of block. In this way you can make content of email more accurate and attractive (it's really quite a bad idea to send the whole HTML page. Usually it includes navigation menu, banners and other stuff which is absolutely useless for clients). Let your visitors bring targeted traffic to you.

Single Click Demo

Services » Send-To-Friend

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