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Call Stack Dump
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GET variables dump
    [sid] => promo/vote


Voting server - Toolbox for Webmasters
Services » Poll

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Would you like to know your website visitor's opinion of your ideas, news or events? "Poll" service provides a simple way to implement the voting feature. All you have to do is to make voting poll description, define the options (alternatives) and a set of attributes (vote type, activity period, voting mode, etc.).

Following attributes of voting poll must be specified:

Configuration panel
  • Title - Formulation of voting question
  • Options - presets the alternatives for voting poll:
  • Poll Mode - determines voting poll working mode:
    • Read Only mode - mark this option if you wish to suspend voting and to show voting stats only.
    • Allow custom answer - if this attribute is checked the additional field where the customer can give his own alternative answer will be created. The text titled "Label" will appear next to the field.
  • Poll type - determines how the voting area acts and looks like:
    • Single choice (radio buttons) - User can choose only single answer. Voting poll is represented as the list of radio buttons
    • Single choice (drop down list) - User can choose only single answer. Voting poll is represented as a drop-down list.
    • Multiple Choice (checkboxes) - voting alternatives are represented as series of check-boxes. Multiple choices are allowed.
  • Vote Rules - determines voting restrictions:
    • No limits - everybody can vote unlimited number of times
    • One IP - one Vote - only single voting is accepted from the same IP address
    • Once at period - multiple voting from the same IP address is allowed but not more frequently than once a period.
  • Common settings - determines common service parameters
    • Service Enabled - indicates if service available for usage or not.
    • Order No - determines the services displaying order.
    • Host Filter - specifies the list of websites on which the service is available. It helps to prevent re-using your service by the competitors.
  • Texts - Localize titles - allows to localize the text used in Poll
    • "Button text" - text on the button in the mode of voices collection
    • "Results text" - the final text located under the results of voting

Pay attention: you can edit alternatives only before the voting results appeared. If you want to update the list of alternatives (options) check "Clear Stats" and reset the stats.

When voting poll is configured, you can add it to your website. Click "Get Code" link. You'll get two pieces of code. "Service Code" - specifies vote poll code which is to be injected into you website to add voting feature. "Statistics Code" specifies the code which demonstrates voting results (both pieces can be active at the same time - and visitors can see present voting statistics).

Single Click Demo

Services » Poll

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