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Voting server - Toolbox for Webmasters
Services » Poll » Tutorial

1. You have a burning question and want to learn your audience opinion using multichoice Poll.


Question: How often do you read political news?


  • Once a week
  • Every day
  • Daily in several sources
  • Never

2. To add Poll service to your site

  • 2.1 Click Add New Poll
  • 2.2 Type your question in the field Poll Title
  • 2.3 Give alternatives in the fields Options. To add more entry fields click Add Options
  • 2.4. In case you used another system of Poll before you can import previous results entering the stats in the field Init value
  • 2.5. Choose Poll Type to determine how your Poll will act and look
    • • Check Single choice (radio buttons) if you want only single answer to be chosen. Poll will be represented as a list of radio buttons
    • • Check Single choice (drop down list) if you want only single answer to be chosen. Poll will be represented as a drop-down list.
    • • Check Multiple Choice (checkboxes) if you want to allow multiple choices. Voting alternatives will be represented as series of check-boxes.

  • 2.6. Define Vote Rules to determine voting restrictions:
    • • Check No limits if you permit the same IP address to vote unlimited number of times
    • • Check One IP - one result if you want to accept only single voting from one IP address
    • • Check Once at period to allow multiple voting from the same IP address but not more than once a period.

  • 2.7. Common Settings
    • • If you want to temporarily disable displaying of service at your pages unmark checkbox Service Enabled
    • • Using Hosting Filter you can restrict displaying of your service at certain domains.
    • • To change default position of current service in the table of services use Sorting Order
  • 2.7. You may use section Text for localizing titles appeared in Poll (button and stats)
  • 2.8. Click the button Create to save your poll

3. Adding service into the page

  • 3.1. Click Script button (right column)
  • 3.2. Configure styles and colors of your Poll. Select one of the preset color schemes which are available in the drop down control Copy colors from. You may as well create your own color scheme using color settings. To save new color scheme enter its name and click the button Save Changes.
  • 3.3. Copy code snippet and styles. Use tabs Poll CSS+script and Poll HTML to add active voting (HTML version allows to add Poll in social webs, for example My Space). Results CSS+script and Result HTML allow showing voting stats without possibility to vote (i.e. it can be used for presenting the results of previous voting).
  • 3.4. Paste the code snippet into your web page.
  • 3.5. Congratulations! You’ve got your Poll.
Services » Poll » Tutorial

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